Top Choice Museum in Sant'Antioco

Museo Archeologico

This great little museum is one of the best in southern Sardinia. It has a fascinating collection of local archaeological finds, as well as models of nuraghic houses and Sant'Antioco as it would have looked in the 4…
Catacomb in Sant'Antioco

Basilica di Sant’Antioco Martire Catacombs

According to legend, St Antiochus was condemned to work in the island's lead mines by the Romans after he refused to recant his faith. But he escaped, hidden in a tar barrel, and was taken in by an underground Chris…
Tomb in Sant'Antioco

Villaggio Ipogeo

Sant'Antioco's Punic necropolis and its cavernous tombs were taken over by islanders in the Middle Ages as a safe haven from marauding Arab raiders. Here you can explore the grotto houses where they lived and where …
Museum in Sant'Antioco

Museo Etnografico

At this small museum in the historic centre, you can investigate age-old living habits, as illustrated by an assortment of traditional farm tools and household implements.
Archaeological Site in Sant'Antioco


Dating to the 8th century BC, the tophet was an ancient sanctuary used by the Phoenicians and Carthaginians to cremate and bury their children and still-born babies. Before visiting, it's worth checking out the toph…
Fort in Sant'Antioco

Forte Su Pisu

Also known as the Forte Sabaudo, this 19th-century Piedmontese fort marks the highest point in town. Its most famous action took place in 1815 when the garrison stationed here failed to fight off a party of North Af…
Church in Sant'Antioco

Basilica di Sant’Antioco Martire

Hidden behind the modest baroque facade is a sublimely simple 5th-century church. To the right of the altar stands a wooden effigy of St Antiochus, a martyr of North African origin who was enslaved by the Romans and…