Food in Sant’Angelo & the South Coast


Stock up on a mouth-watering selection of local produce, from spicy peperoncino (chilli peppers), rum-soaked babà and lemon-cream cannoncelli (pastry filled with lemon cream) to Ischian wine and the ubiquitous limon…
Food in Ischia Porto & Ischia Ponte

Antica Macelleria di Francesco Esposito

This century-old deli is gourmet foodie heaven. Drop in from 8am for fresh mozzarella and wood-fired casareccio bread, plus a lip-smacking choice of cheese, prosciutto, homemade peperoncino salami and marinated pepp…
Fashion & Accessories in Ischia Porto & Ischia Ponte

Judith Major

Despite the headmistressy name, this boutique is the exclusive stockist of Italian label Brunello Cucinelli. The look is Polo Ralph Lauren with a sexy Italian twist: cashmere sweaters, suave shirts, blazers and chic…
Food in Ischia Porto & Ischia Ponte

Atelier delle Dolcezze

A fabulous modern chocolatier, combining ranks of sweet chocolate treats with sumptuous artisanal ice cream. The prettily wrapped boxes make good gifts.
Books in Ischia Porto & Ischia Ponte

Libreria Imagaenaria

A beautiful old-school bookshop in Ischia Ponte with armchairs, plies of multilingual tomes and some fine local prints on sale too.
Ceramics in Ischia Porto & Ischia Ponte

Filippo Cianciarelli

Filippo is a highly original artist who creates vividly patterned pieces, including striking, tall, pyramid-shaped vases, tiled pictures with abstract themes and smaller, easy-to-pack plates, mugs and the like. Disp…
Clothing in Lacco Ameno

Stella di Mare

Pricey and gorgeous womenswear: silk and linen skirts and kaftans to keep you cool in every sense, plus sandals, brogues, and tassled and beaded bags.
Jewellery in Ischia Porto & Ischia Ponte

Scaglione Renato

This little shop has a small but sparkling range of exquisite jewellery, incorporating turquoise, amethyst, amber and coral. Prices are slightly lower than the glitzier options on nearby Via Roma.