Ischia in detail

Getting Around

Ischia's main circular highway can get clogged with traffic in the height of summer. This, combined with the penchant the local youth have for overtaking on blind corners and the environmental impact of just too many cars, means that you may want to consider riding the excellent network of buses (cheap!) or hopping in a taxi (not cheap!) to get around. The distance between attractions and the lack of pavements on the busy roads makes walking unappealing.

The island’s main bus station is a one-minute walk west of the ferry and hydrofoil terminal, at Ischia Porto, with buses servicing all other parts of the island.


The island’s main bus station is located in Ischia Porto. There are two principal lines: the CS (Circolo Sinistro, or Left Circle), which circles the island anticlockwise, and the CD line (Circolo Destro, or Right Circle), which travels in a clockwise direction, passing through each town and departing every 15 to 30 minutes. Buses pass near all hotels and campgrounds. A single-trip ticket (corsa singola) costs €1.50 (€2 if bought on board). An all-day, multi-use ticket (biglietto giornaliero) costs €4.50 and should be bought from tobacconists.

Taxis and micro-taxis (scooter-engined three-wheelers) are also available.

Car & Scooter

You can do this small island a favour by not bringing your car. If you want to hire a car or a scooter for a day, there are plenty of hire companies. Balestrieri hires out cars and scooters, and it also has mountain bikes (€15 per day). Note that you can’t take a hired vehicle off the island.


If you're hiring a car in high season, parking is going to be a headache. Go for a smart car if you can, which takes up minimal space. There's a small car park at the entrance to Sant’Angelo (two hours €3) and Ischia Porto and Ischia Ponte both have signposted central car parks (€1.50 per hour).