Top Choice Italian in Ischia Porto & Ischia Ponte

Ristorante La Pantera Rosa

In the long line of Ischia's portside eating establishments, the 'pink panther' might be the best. First, there's the owner, Amedeo, a skilled linguist who manages to be charismatic in five different languages. Then…
Italian in Ischia Porto & Ischia Ponte

Ristorante da Ciccio

In the seafood game since 1963 and currently overseen by charming host Carlo, Ristorante da Ciccio (Italian street-slang for 'dude' or 'chubby') is an atmospheric trattoria where the uncomplicated menu pushes you un…
Italian in Ischia Porto & Ischia Ponte

Al Pontile

Sit outside, front or back, with the castle as an evocative backdrop to the shopping street or sea. The reassuringly brief menu includes pasta mainstays like puttanesca with capers, tomatoes and olives, and reliable…
Italian in Ischia Porto & Ischia Ponte

Da Raffaele

Handily situated in the middle of Via Roma, this brightly lit, welcoming place has few surprises on the menu but prepares everything well. Try the frittura di pesce all’ischitana (mixed fried fish) or melanzane a fu…
Cafe in Ischia Porto & Ischia Ponte

Da Ciccio

Old and popular enough to qualify as an 'institution' (1947 and counting), Da Ciccio (not to be confused with the restaurant of the same name) is an always-busy bar and casual eating place plying ice cream, pastries…
Mediterranean in Ischia Porto & Ischia Ponte

Gardenia Mare

With bamboo furniture, surrounding greenery and wonderful views of the Castello Aragonese, this makes for a fantastically romantic sunset dinner spot. It's a beach-club restaurant (no fee if you just want to eat her…
Italian in Ischia Porto & Ischia Ponte

Ristorante Aglio, Olio & Pomodoro

Garlic, olive oil and tomatoes are the base for a lot of simply executed dishes at this warmly welcoming trattoria serving local dishes such as rabbit, plus excellent pizzas and – of course – seafood. It's not the m…
Gelato in Ischia Porto & Ischia Ponte

Bar de Maio

Technically a bar close to the port; in reality, it's better known as a prime gelato spot. According to some residents, it's the best ice-cream parlour on the island.
Cafe in Ischia Porto & Ischia Ponte

Gran Caffè Vittoria

At the smarter end of the port, this posh cafe employs old-school bow-tied waiters to serve an artistic-looking selection of cakes, pastries, coffees and other such delights. The bulk of the clientele prefers to lou…