Ionian Coast attractions

Top Choice Ruins in Taormina

Teatro Greco

Taormina's premier sight is this perfect horseshoe-shaped theatre, suspended between sea and sky, with Mt Etna looming on the southern horizon. Built in the 3rd century BC, it's the most dramatically situated Greek …
Top Choice Market in Catania

La Pescheria

Catania's raucous fish market, which takes over the streets behind Piazza del Duomo every workday morning, is street theatre at its most thrilling. Tables groan under the weight of decapitated swordfish, ruby-pink p…
Top Choice Theatre in Catania

Teatro Massimo Bellini

A few blocks northeast of the duomo, is Catania's dashing opera. Completed in 1890 and made for homegrown composer Vincenzo Bellini, the building's interiors are suitably lavish, from the stucco-and-marble extravaga…
Top Choice Church in Catania

Complesso Monumentale Monastero delle Benedettine

The Complesso Monumentale Monastero delle Benedettine covers three adjacent sites: a Benedictine convent, the Chiesa di San Benedetto and the Museo Arte Contemporanea Sicilia across the street. Top billing goes to t…
Top Choice Monument in Catania

Fontana dell'Elefante

Taking centre stage on Catania's showpiece Piazze del Duomo is the city's most memorable monument, the smiling Fontana dell'Elefante (Fountain of the Elephant; 1736). Made of lava stone and dating from the Roman per…
Square in Catania

Piazza del Duomo

A Unesco World Heritage Site, Catania's central piazza is a set piece of contrasting lava and limestone, surrounded by buildings in the unique local baroque style and crowned by the grand Cattedrale di Sant'Agata. A…
Cable Car in Mount Etna

Funivia dell'Etna

Funivia dell'Etna runs a cable car from Rifugio Sapienza (1923m) up the mountain to 2500m. Once out of the cable car you can attempt the long walk (3½ to four hours return) up the winding track to the authorised cra…
Ruins in Catania

Parco Archeologico Greco Romano

West of Piazza del Duomo lie Catania's most impressive ancient ruins: the remains of a 2nd-century Roman Theatre and its small rehearsal theatre, the Odeon. The ruins are evocatively sited in the thick of a crumblin…
Street in Catania

Via Crociferi

A lovely, tranquil spot for a morning stroll, Via Crociferi is one of Catania's most attractive streets, famous for its exuberant baroque churches and imposing 18th-century palazzi.
Church in Acireale

Basilica di San Sebastiano

The Basilica di San Sebastiano is one of Acireale's finest baroque buildings. Guarded by statues of Old Testament characters, the basilica lifts the spirit with its luminous facade, whimsically lined with putti (che…