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Top Choice Archaeological Site in Inland Oristano Province

Nuraghe di Santa Cristina

Just off the SS131 north of Oristano, the Nuraghe Santa Cristina is an important nuraghic complex. Its extraordinary Bronze Age tempio a pozzo (well temple) is one of the best preserved in Sardinia. The worship of w…
Top Choice Cultural in Inland Oristano Province


On 6 and 7 July Sedilo hosts Oristano’s most exciting festival, S’Ardia, when nearly 50,000 people pack themselves into the tiny village to see Sardinia’s most reckless and dangerous horse race.
Sardinian in Inland Oristano Province

Su Carduleu

For a locally sourced gourmet feast, stop in at this Slow Food–acclaimed restaurant run by hometown success story Roberto Serra. Presentation and flavour are both paramount in dishes such as marjoram-scented roast q…
Archaeological Site in Inland Oristano Province

Nuraghe Losa

Off the SS131 just north of Paulilatino, the Nuraghe Losa is one of Sardinia's most impressive nuraghi. The site’s centrepiece is a three-sided keep surrounded by three circular towers, two joined by a wall and one …
Roman Site in Fordongianus

Terme Romane

The impressive remains of Fordongianus' 1st-century Terme Romane sit on the banks of the river Tirso. In the centre of the complex you’ll see a rectangular pool, which originally was covered by a barrel-vaulted roof…
Museum in Inland Oristano Province

Museo S’Omo ‘e sa Majarza

This creepy museum, signposted as the Museo del Territorio, is dedicated to witches and local folklore and features the reconstruction of a 16th-century witch’s cave. It's one of Sardinia's strangest museums. As of …
Historic Building in Fordongianus

Casa Aragonese

A characteristic of Fordongianus is the rusty-red trachyte stone of which so many of its buildings are made. As red as the rest is the lovely late-16th-century Casa Aragonese, a typical Aragonese noble house with a …
Museum in Inland Oristano Province

Museo Archeologico-Etnografico Palazzo Atzori

Spread over three floors, this museum in Paulilatino focuses on traditional rural life, with exhibits dedicated to baking, lacework, equestrian gear, glassware, basketry, farm and domestic implements and more. The m…
Museum in Inland Oristano Province

Casa Museo di Antonio Gramsci

In Ghilarza is the house where the famous early 20th-century political thinker Antonio Gramsci lived between 1898 and 1911. The small collection of photos, papers and other memorabilia, with commentary in Italian, w…