Il Carso attractions

Castle in Il Carso

Castello di Duino

Fourteen kilometres northwest along the coast from Miramare, this 14th- and 15th-century bastion picturesquely marches down the cliff, surrounded by a verdant garden and mind-blowing views. Poet Rainer Maria Rilke w…
Cave in Il Carso

Grotta Gigante

The area's big-ticket attraction is near Villa Opicina, 5km northeast of Trieste. At 120m high, 280m long and 65m wide, it's one of the largest and most spectacular caves that's accessible on the continent. It's eas…
Museum in Il Carso

Casa Carsica

This house museum in Rupingrande re-creates life in the pre-modern Slovenian-speaking Carso. It also organises the plateau's most important folk festival, Nozze Carsiche (Kraška ohcet; Karstic Wedding), held every t…