Top Choice Religious in Ischia

Festa di Sant’Anna

The allegorical ‘burning of the Castello Aragonese’ takes place on the feast day of St Anne, with a hypnotic procession of boats and fireworks in Ischia Ponte. Don't miss it if you're on the island at the end of Jul…
Religious in Procida

Procession of the Misteri

Good Friday sees a solemn procession when a wooden statue of Christ and the Madonna Addolorata, along with life-size plaster and papier-mâché tableaux illustrating events leading to Christ’s crucifixion, are carted …
Food & Drink in Capri

Settembrata Anacaprese

An annual celebration of the grape harvest with gastronomic events and markets.
Film in Ischia

Ischia Film Festival

Serving up free flicks and exhibitions in star locations around the island with its HQ in the Castello Aragonese.
Music in Ischia

Ischia Piano & Jazz

Ischia’s annual jazz festival pumps out five days of ivory tinkling with a dash of foreign acts. It's held at various venues across the island.