Top Choice Cable Car in Gubbio

Funivia Colle Eletto

Although the Basilica di Sant'Ubaldo, perched high up on Monte Ingino, is a perfectly lovely church, the real adventure is reaching it on the funivia, as exhilarating as any roller coaster. The word funivia suggests…
Piazza in Gubbio

Piazza Grande

Gubbio's medieval showpiece is Piazza Grande, where the Corsa dei Ceri festival takes place. The piazza is dominated by the 14th-century Palazzo dei Consoli, which houses the Museo Civico and is attributed to Gattap…
Basilica in Gubbio

Basilica di Sant'Ubaldo

Perched high up on Monte Ingino and reached by Gubbio's funivia, the Basilica di Sant'Ubaldo displays the body of St Ubaldo, the 12th-century bishop of Gubbio, in a glass coffin above the altar. It also has a smal…
Museum in Gubbio

Museo Civico

Housed in the Palazzo dei Consoli, this museum displays the Eugubian Tablets, discovered in 1444. Dating from between 300 and 100 BC, these seven bronze tablets are the best existing example of the ancient Umbrian s…
Museum in Gubbio

Museo della Maiolica a Lustro

Just below the Funivia Colle Eletto, this museum is dedicated to the a lustro ceramic style, which has its origins in 11th-century Muslim Spain. Up in the tower, on the 2nd floor, ceramics from prehistoric times sha…
Palace in Gubbio

Palazzo Ducale

The 15th-century Palazzo Ducale was built by the Duke of Montefeltro’s family as a scaled-down version of their grand palazzo in Urbino; its walls hide an impressive Renaissance courtyard.
Cathedral in Gubbio


Walk up Via Ducale to a triumvirate of ancientness, the 13th-century pink cathedral, with a fine 12th-century stained-glass window and a fresco attributed to Bernardino Pinturicchio.
Gallery in Gubbio

Museo Diocesano

Next door to the Palazzo Ducale is the Museo Diocesano, a winding homage to Gubbio’s medieval history.
Archaeological Site in Gubbio

Teatro Romano

Southwest of Piazza Quaranta Martiri, off Viale del Teatro Romano, are the overgrown remains of a 1st-century Roman theatre.
Palace in Gubbio

Palazzo del Bargello