Castle in Gorizia

Borgo Castello

Gorizia's main sight is its castle, perched atop a knoll-like hill. It has some convincing re-creations and a fine wood-panelled great hall. Beneath the main fortress huddle two oddly paired museums. The tragic, gor…
Historic Site in Gorizia

Piazza Transalpina

One for Cold War kids. The Slovenian border – a mere formality since December 2007 – bisects the edge of Gorizia, and you can celebrate Schengen with a bit of border hopscotch at this piazza's centre, while contempl…
Museum in Gorizia

Museo della Grande Guerra

The tragic, gory history of the WWI Italian-Austrian front is explored at the Museo della Grande Guerra, including a to-scale recreation of a trench, along with a room dedicated to the much-loved general, Armando Di…
Museum in Gorizia

Museo della Moda e delle Arti Applicate

View 19th- and early-20th-century fashion and textiles at the Museo della Moda e delle Arti Applicate. Highlights are the examples of Gorizian lace and fine silk garments.
Palace in Gorizia

Palazzo Coronini Cronberg

This 16th-century residence is jammed with antiquities and is surrounded by lush gardens, which are free to visit on their own and open until 9pm in summer.
Church in Gorizia

Chiesa di Sant'Ignazio

Constructed from 1654 to 1724, the onion-shaped domes of this high-baroque Jesuit church watch over Gorizia's old town square.