Top things to do

Top Choice Viewpoint in Porto Venere

Grotta di Byron

At the end of the quay, a Cinque Terre panorama unfolds from the rocky terraces of a cave formerly known as Grotta Arpaia. Lord Byron once swam across the gulf from here to Lerici to visit the resident Shelleys and …
Church in Porto Venere

Chiesa di San Pietro

This stunning wind- and wave-lashed church, built in 1198 in Gothic style, stands on the ruins of a 5th-century palaeo-Christian church, with its extant floor still partially visible. Before its Christianisation, it…
Ligurian in Lerici, San Terenzo & Tellaro

RedFish Cafe

You can sit in the little dining room of this busy place, but if it's a warm day try tosnare one of their outside tables, half a block down the street on the port. There's a short menu of pastas – squid ink, seafood…
Museum in La Spezia

Museo Amedeo Lia

This fine-arts museum in a restored 17th-century friary is La Spezia's star cultural attraction. The collection spans from the 13th to 18th centuries and includes paintings by masters such as Tintoretto, Montagna, T…
Trattoria in Lerici, San Terenzo & Tellaro

Dei Pescatori

Located in an alley that leads on to the hiking trail to Montemarcello, Dei Pescatori is devoted to fresh seafood, hence the lack of a menu as you simply get what’s fresh that day. Pace yourself though for the multi…
Street Food in Porto Venere


A perfect spot to pick up something to snack on while dangling your feet in the drink, this is Ligurian street food made with love. Grab a panini stuffed with anchovies or cod and olive paste, or pick up a whole spi…
Castle in Porto Venere

Castello Doria

No one knows when the original castle was built, though the current structure – a formidable example of Genoese military architecture – dates from the 16th century. A highly strategic citadel in its time, it once st…
Wine Bar in La Spezia


A dark, bohemian, elegantly dishevelled wine bar on a pretty street in the pedestrian centre, Odioilvino is a fine place to relax with locals over a French or local wine. Small plates such as a fish tartare or octop…
Modern Italian in La Spezia

Vicolo Intherno

Take a seat around chunky wooden tables beneath beamed ceilings at this buzzing Slow Food–affiliated restaurant and wash down the torte di verdure (Ligurian vegetable pie), stockfish or roast beef with local vintage…
Bar in Lerici, San Terenzo & Tellaro

Bar la Marina

A simple tiny bar dispenses spritzes and wine to tables on the tiny port's cobblestones. Time your visit for sunset and you'll understand what so enchanted Byron and Shelley.