Top Choice Viewpoint in Porto Venere

Grotta di Byron

At the end of the quay, a Cinque Terre panorama unfolds from the rocky terraces of a cave formerly known as Grotta Arpaia. Lord Byron once swam across the gulf from here to Lerici to visit the resident Shelleys and …
Church in Porto Venere

Chiesa di San Pietro

This stunning wind- and wave-lashed church, built in 1198 in Gothic style, stands on the ruins of a 5th-century palaeo-Christian church, with its extant floor still partially visible. Before its Christianisation, it…
Museum in La Spezia

Museo Amedeo Lia

This fine-arts museum in a restored 17th-century friary is La Spezia's star cultural attraction. The collection spans from the 13th to 18th centuries and includes paintings by masters such as Tintoretto, Montagna, T…
Castle in Porto Venere

Castello Doria

No one knows when the original castle was built, though the current structure – a formidable example of Genoese military architecture – dates from the 16th century. A highly strategic citadel in its time, it once st…
Castle in La Spezia

Castello di San Giorgio

An assortment of local archaeological artefacts from prehistoric to medieval times are displayed at the city's hilltop fortifications.