Top Choice Palace in Genoa

Palazzo Reale

If you only get the chance to visit one of the Palazzi dei Rolli (a group of palaces belonging to the city's most eminent families), make it this one. A former residence of the Savoy dynasty, it has terraced gardens…
Aquarium in Genoa


Genoa's much-vaunted aquarium is one of the largest in Europe, with more than 5000 sea creatures, including sharks. Moored at the end of a walkway is the ship Nave Blu, a unique floating display, specialising in exh…
Biosphere Dome in Genoa


A giant glass ball housing a humid mini-ecosystem with tropical plants, butterflies and birds, the Biosphere is an interesting and innovative addition to the port, although its assorted greenery probably won't delay…
Cathedral in Genoa

Cattedrale di San Lorenzo

Genoa's zebra-striped Gothic-Romanesque cathedral owes its continued existence to the poor quality of a British WWII bomb that failed to ignite here in 1941; it still sits on the right side of the nave like an innoc…
Church in Genoa

Chiesa del Gesù

Half-hidden behind the cathedral but emulating it in its ecclesial brilliance, this former Jesuit church dating from 1597 has an intricate and lavish interior. The wonderfully frescoed walls and ceiling are anchored…
Museum in Genoa

Galata Museo del Mare

Rivalled only by Barcelona and Venice as a medieval and Renaissance maritime power, Genoa's 'museum of the sea' is, not surprisingly, one of its most relevant and interesting. High-tech exhibits trace the history of…
Gallery in Genoa

Galleria Nazionale

This gallery's paintings are wonderfully displayed over four floors of the 16th-century Palazzo Spinola, once owned by the Spinola family, one of Genova's most formidable dynasties. The main focus is Italian and Fle…
Museum in Genoa

Musei di Strada Nuova

Skirting the northern edge of what was once the city limits, pedestrianised Via Garibaldi (formerly called the Strada Nuova) was planned by Galeazzo Alessi in the 16th century. It quickly became the city's most soug…
Museum in Genoa

Museo d'Arte Orientale

Just east of Via Garibaldi, a path from Piazza Corvetto twists through terraced gardens to one of Europe's largest collections of Japanese art, bringing together some 20,000 items, including porcelain, bronzes, cost…
Museum in Genoa

Stanza del Jazz

The Stanza del Jazz has a collection of original recordings. High-profile temporary art exhibitions are held in the palazzo, which also has a bookshop, café and restaurants.