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Museo Archeologico

This splendid archaeological museum offers insight into Gela's great artistic past. It contains artefacts from the city's ancient acropolis and is famed for its fine collection of red-and-black kraters: these terrac…
Ruins in Gela

Greek Fortifications of Capo Soprano

Built along Gela's western coastline at Capo Soprano by the tyrant of Syracuse, Timoleon, in 333 BC, Gela's ancient Greek fortifications are remarkably well preserved, most likely the result of being covered by sand…
Ruins in Gela


Behind Gela's archaeological museum, you can see the scant remains of the city's ancient Greek acropolis. Adding little to the atmosphere are the belching chimneys of a nearby petrochemical plant.
Ruins in Gela

Greek Baths

Some 500m from the city walls, next to the hospital, are Sicily's only surviving Greek baths, which date from the 4th century BC.