LGBT Travellers

Homosexuality is legal (over the age of 16) and attitudes towards LGBT people in southern Italy have generally improved in recent years. That said, the region is notably conservative in its attitudes. Overt displays of affection by LGBT couples can attract a negative response, especially in smaller, less cosmopolitan towns and among older generations.

You'll find gay scenes in Naples, Catania and Taormina (the latter mostly in the summer), and to a lesser extent in Palermo and Bari.

Online resources include the following (mostly Italian-language) websites:

Arcigay ( Bologna-based national organisation for the LGBT community.

Circolo Mario Mieli ( Rome-based cultural centre that organises debates, cultural events and social functions, including Gay Pride.

Coordinamento Lesbiche Italiano (CLR.; The national organisation for lesbians, holding regular conferences, literary evenings and other cultural special events. ( Website featuring LGBT news, feature articles and gossip. ( English-language site produced by, featuring information on everything from hotels and events, to LGBT rights.

Pride ( Culture, politics, travel and health with an LGBT focus.