Top things to do

Top Choice Castle in Trieste

Castello di Miramare

Sitting on a rocky outcrop 7km from town, Castello di Miramare is Trieste's elegiac bookend, the fanciful neo-Gothic home of the hapless Archduke Maximilian of Austria. Maximilian originally came to Trieste in the 1…
Top Choice Art Gallery in Udine

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Udine’s newest museum brings together a number of bequests, creating a substantial collection of 20th-century Italian artists, including De Chirico, Morandi, Campigli and Mušič. There’s also a surprise horde of nota…
Top Choice Church in Aquileia


The entire floor of the Latin cross-shaped basilica, rebuilt after an earthquake in 1348, is covered with one of the largest and most spectacular Roman-era mosaics in the world. The 760-sq-metre floor of the basilic…
Top Choice Seafood in Trieste


This bright, buzzing reinvention of the Triestine buffet features fish and seafood. Order at the bar from a menu of small dishes: white polenta and baccalà mantecato (salt-cod purée) or seppie bolito (cuttlefish ste…
Top Choice Gastronomic in Cividale del Friuli


Nestled among the vines in the same valley as Bastianich's winery, this elegant dining room does a roll call of traditional dishes but there's also a definite new world sensibility at work (the bar menu takes that o…
Top Choice Deli in Udine

La Bottega del Borgo

This busy corner deli-winebar has such a winning way it will make you want to up sticks and settle in Udine. Locals drop in for morning coffee, pastries and bread, grab supplies for quick at-home dinners, or have th…
Buffet in Trieste

Buffet Al Spaceto

An eccentric and convivial grab bag of locals gather here for glasses of local wine and a few rounds of whatever is on offer in the snack counter.
Buffet in Trieste

Buffet Da Pepi

The counter here is a site of porcine carnage: legs, necks, bellies, tongues and testicles, all awaiting a slap of relish from the huge ceramic jars of mustard and a grate of kren (horseradish). Hot, takeaway briske…
Buffet in Trieste

Buffet da Siora Rosa

Opened before WWII, the family-run Siora Rosa is one Trieste's traditional buffets (bar-restaurants). Sit outside or in the wonderfully retro interior and tuck into boiled pork, sauerkraut and other Germanic and Hun…
Buffet in Trieste

Buffet Rudy

Rudy has been concocting traditional boiled meats, cold cuts and beer since, oh, 1897. Come for the pork joints, served up with the house sauerkraut or just drinks and snacks at the bar (this being the beer-iest of …