Top Choice Beauty in Santa Maria Novella

Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella

In business since 1612, this exquisite perfumery-pharmacy began life when Santa Maria Novella's Dominican friars began to concoct cures and sweet-smelling unguents using medicinal herbs cultivated in the monastery g…
Top Choice Fashion & Accessories in Santa Maria Novella


Evocative of an artisan workshop, this tiny boutique showcases the world-class leather craft of local superstar Benheart. The young Florentine fashion designer went into business with schoolmate Matteo after undergo…
Top Choice Food & Drinks in Santa Maria Novella

La Bottega Della Frutta

Follow the trail of knowing Florentines, past the flower-and veg-laden bicycle parked outside, into this enticing food shop bursting with boutique cheeses, organic fruit and veg, biscuits, chocolates, conserved prod…
Top Choice Homewares in Santa Maria Novella

Mio Concept

A fascinating range of design objects for the home – many upcycled – as well as jewellery, T-shirts and street art cram this stylish boutique created by German-born globetrotter Antje. This is also the only shop in …
Arts & Crafts in Santa Maria Novella

Letizia Fiorini

This charming shop is a one-woman affair – Letizia Fiorini sits at the counter and makes her distinctive puppets by hand in between assisting customers. You'll find Pulchinella (Punch), Arlecchino the clown, beautif…
Fashion & Accessories in Santa Maria Novella


It was a hat made by Siena milliner Grevi that actress Cher wore in the film Tea with Mussolini (1999); ditto Maggie Smith in My House in Umbria (2003). So if you want to shop like a star for a hat by Grevi, this ho…
Accessories in Santa Maria Novella

Aprosio & Co

Ornella Aprosio fashions teeny-tiny glass and crystal beads into dazzling pieces of jewellery, hair accessories, animal-shaped brooches, handbags, even glass-flecked cashmere. It is all quite magical.
Arts & Crafts in Santa Maria Novella


Stendhal, Byron, Shelley and Dickens are among the literary luminaries who have chosen to purchase top-quality stationery from this company.
Homewares in Santa Maria Novella

Marioluca Giusti

The voluptuous jugs, beakers, glasses and other colourful tableware items in this eye-catching boutique look like glass – but are not. Everything created by Florentine designer Marioluca Giusti is crafted from acryl…
Homewares in Santa Maria Novella

Richard Ginori

The maze of rooms at this elegant porcelain shop is well worth exploring. Showcasing tableware produced by Richard Ginori, a Tuscan company established in 1735, the showroom is one of the city’s most beautiful retai…