Must-see attractions in San Lorenzo & San Marco

  • Museo di San Marco on the piazza di San Marco.

    Museo di San Marco

    San Lorenzo & San Marco

    At the heart of Florence's university area sits Chiesa di San Marco and an adjoining 15th-century Dominican monastery where both gifted painter Fra'…

  • Crowded gallery by tourists trying to take photo to david sculpture in accademia.

    Galleria dell'Accademia

    San Lorenzo & San Marco

    A queue marks the door to this gallery, built to house one of the Renaissance's most iconic masterpieces, Michelangelo's David. But the world's most…

  • Europe, Italy, Tuscany, Florence, San Lorenzo, Medici Chapel, marble sculpture by Michelangelo, 1524-31, Night, Tomb of Giuliano de' Medici

    Museo delle Cappelle Medicee

    San Lorenzo & San Marco

    Nowhere is Medici conceit expressed so explicitly as in the Medici Chapels. Adorned with granite, marble, semiprecious stones and some of Michelangelo's…

  • Museo degli Innocenti in Florence, Italy

    Museo degli Innocenti

    San Lorenzo & San Marco

    Shortly after its founding in 1421, Brunelleschi designed the loggia for Florence's Ospedale degli Innocenti, a foundling hospital and Europe's first…

  • Basilica of Saint Lawrence in Florence

    Basilica di San Lorenzo

    San Lorenzo & San Marco

    Considered one of Florence's most harmonious examples of Renaissance architecture, this unfinished basilica was the Medici parish church and mausoleum. It…

  • Decorative detail from Laurentian Library, by Michelangelo (1475-1564), Florence. Italy, 16th century.

    Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana

    San Lorenzo & San Marco

    Beyond the Basilica di San Lorenzo ticket office lie peaceful cloisters framing a garden with orange trees. Stairs lead up the loggia to the Biblioteca…

  • Cenacolo di Sant’Apollonia

    San Lorenzo & San Marco

    Once part of a sprawling Benedictine monastery, this cenacolo (refectory) harbours arguably the city’s most remarkable Last Supper scene. Painted by…

  • Palazzo Medici-Riccardi, dancing room, ceiling decorated in 1670 by Luca Giordano

    Palazzo Medici-Riccardi

    San Lorenzo & San Marco

    Cosimo the Elder entrusted Michelozzo with the design of the family's town house in 1444. The result was this palace, a blueprint that influenced the…

  • Piazza della Santissima Annunziata

    San Lorenzo & San Marco

    Giambologna's equestrian statue of Grand Duke Ferdinando I de' Medici commands the scene from the centre of this majestic square, dominated by the facades…

  • Chiesa della Santissima Annunziata

    San Lorenzo & San Marco

    Established in 1250 by the founders of the Servite order and rebuilt by Michelozzo and others in the mid-15th century, this Renaissance church is most…

  • Giardino dei Semplici

    San Lorenzo & San Marco

    Founded in 1545 to furnish medicine to the Medici, Florence's botanical gardens – managed today by the university – are a wonderfully peaceful retreat in…

  • Museo di Casa Martelli

    San Lorenzo & San Marco

    A mooch around this frescoed Renaissance palazzo is tantamount to a fascinating peek behind of the scenes of a noble family of 18th-century bankers,…

  • Museo Archeologico

    San Lorenzo & San Marco

    Set a little bit back off Piazza della Santissima Annunziata is Florence's archaeology museum. Its rich collection of finds, including most of the Medici…

  • Synagogue & Jewish Museum of Florence

    San Lorenzo & San Marco

    Built between 1874 and 1882, just after the Jewish community in Italy had gained full emancipation after centuries of persecution, this vast Moorish…