Il Teatro del Sale

Top choice tuscan

in Santa Croce

Florentine chef Fabio Picchi is one of Florence's living treasures who steals the Sant'Ambrogio show with this eccentric, good-value, members-only club (everyone welcome, membership €7) inside an old theatre. He cooks up brunch and dinner, culminating at 9.30pm in a live performance of drama, music or comedy arranged by his wife, artistic director and comic actress Maria Cassi.

Dinners are hectic: grab a chair, serve yourself water, wine and antipasti, and wait for the chef to yell out what's about to be served before queuing at the glass hatch for your primo (first course) and secondo (second course). Note: this is the only Picchi restaurant to serve pasta! Dessert and coffee are laid out buffet-style just prior to the performance.