Must-see nightlife in Florence

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    Mad Souls & Spirits

    At this ubercool bar in San Frediano, cult alchemists Neri Fantechi and Julian Biondi woo a discerning crowd with their expertly crafted cocktails, served…

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    Santarosa Bistrot

    The living is easy at this hipster garden-bistro-bar, snug against a chunk of ancient city wall in the flowery Santarosa gardens. Comfy cushioned sofas…

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    Le Volpi e l'Uva

    This humble wine bar remains as appealing as the day it opened in 1992. Its food and wine pairings are first class – taste and buy boutique wines by small…

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    Many a Florentine's favourite hotel bar, American cocktail bar Empireo inside the historic Plaza Hotel Lucchesi has been seducing cocktail lovers since…

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    Ditta Artigianale

    With industrial decor and laid-back vibe, this ingenious coffee roastery is a perfect place to hang at any time of day. The creation of three-times…

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    Still lovingly known as Lo Sverso (its original name) by many a Florentine socialite, this superstylish bar is a gem. In a part of town where hipster…

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    La Terrazza Lounge Bar

    This rooftop bar with a wood-decked terrace accessible from the 5th floor of the Hotel Continentale is as chic as one would expect of a fashion-house…

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    Enoteca Pitti Gola e Cantina

    Wine lovers won't do better than this serious wine bar opposite Palazzo Pitti, run with passion and humour by charismatic trio Edoardo, Manuele and Zeno –…

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    'Made in Italy' has never been such a pertinent buzzword in the city, hence this trendy cocktail bar – an unabashed celebration of Italian spirits and…

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    Il Santino

    Kid sister to top-notch restaurant Il Santo Bevitore two doors down the same street, this intimate wine bar with exposed stone walls and marble bar is a…

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    Buca 10

    'Peace and Wine' is the alluring strapline of this contemporary enoteca (wine bar), run with an arty passion and creativity by Francesca and Daniele…

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    At home in a 13th- to 15th-century palazzo, this tucked-away drinking and dining space is designed to stun. From the exquisite craft cocktails (€20 to €30…

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    Caffè del Verone

    At home in Ospedale degli Innocenti's verone (drying room) where linen at the foundling hospital was hung up to dry in the 15th century, this peaceful…

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    Fabbricato Viaggiatori

    An experimental 'factory' of people, ideas, food, wine, cocktails and live music is the essence of this funky new hangout, at home in Palazzina Reale di…

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    Whimsical flamingo wallpaper, funky music, DJ sets and a subtle NYC vibe lures Florence's fashionable set to this buzzing cocktail bar across the river…

  • Caffè Gilli

    Popular with locals who sip coffee standing up at the long marble bar, this is the most famous of the historic cafes on the city's old Roman forum. Gilli…

  • Mayday Club

    Strike up a conversation with passionate mixologist Marco Arduino at Mayday. Within seconds you'll be hooked on his mixers and astonishing infusions, all…

  • Amblé

    'Fresh food and old furniture' is the catchy strapline of this cafe-bar hidden in an alleyway near Ponte Vecchio. Vintage furniture – all for sale –…

  • Coquinarius

    With its old stone vaults, scrubbed wooden tables and modern air, this enoteca run by the dynamic Nicolas is spacious and stylish. The wine list features…

  • Rasputin

    The 'secret' speakeasy everyone knows about, it has no sign outside: disguised as a chapel of sorts, look for the tiny entrance with the two-seat wooden…