Tuscan in Fiesole


Here they have gone to some lengths to re-create a sense of the old Tuscan tavern, with long, timber fratina tables conducive to convivial eating. The menu consists of Tuscan staples and snacks, all washed down in t…
Tuscan in Fiesole

La Reggia degli Etruschi

This outstanding diner, halfway up the steep car-free hill to Chiesa e Convento di San Francesco, buzzes on Sunday with knowing Florentines out for the day in Fiesole to feast on first-class Tuscan fare and a swoonw…
Tuscan in Fiesole

Villa Aurora

On the main square in Fiesole, this four-star hotel and restaurant is a classy, classic address. Since 1860 it has been the place to stay in town – thanks to its romantic pagoda-covered terrace with astonishing view…