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Top Choice Castle in Ferrara

Castello Estense

Complete with moat and drawbridge, Ferrara's towering castle was commissioned by Nicolò II d'Este in 1385. Initially it was intended to protect him and his family from the town's irate citizenry, who were up in arms…
Top Choice Palace in Ferrara

Palazzo dei Diamanti

Named after the spiky diamond-shaped ashlar stones on its facade, the late-15th-century 'diamond palace' was built for Sigismondo d'Este. It houses Ferrara's Pinacoteca Nazionale, where you can contemplate the geniu…
Top Choice Trattoria in Ferrara

Trattoria da Noemi

All of Ferrara's classic dishes are delivered con molto amore (with much love) at this back-alley eatery named after the hardworking, independent-spirited mother of proprietor Maria Cristina Borgazzi. Arrive early (…
Jazz in Ferrara

Jazz Club Ferrara

There are few places in the solar system more cinematic than this extraordinary and intimate house of swing and syncopation occupying a restored Renaissance defence tower dating to 1493. Considered one of Europe's t…
Palace in Ferrara

Palazzo Schifanoia

Dating to 1385, the Este's 14th-century pleasure palace suffered significant earthquake damage in May 2012, but its highlight – the Salone dei Mesi (Room of the Months) – remains open to visitors. Inside you'll find…
Gallery in Ferrara

Pinacoteca Nazionale

Ferrara's art gallery, housed in the late-15th-century Palazzo dei Diamanti, is the perfect spot to contemplate the genius of the 16th- to 17th-century ‘Ferrara school’, spearheaded by artists with odd nicknames suc…
Walls in Ferrara

City Walls

Unbroken on their northern and eastern sections, and adorned with a well-marked set of walking and cycling paths, Ferrara's 9km of city walls are among the most impressive in Italy.
Cathedral in Ferrara


The outstanding feature of the pink-and-white 12th-century cathedral is its three-tiered marble facade – under renovation at time of research – combining Romanesque and Gothic styles on the lower and upper tiers res…
Architecture in Ferrara

Palazzo Municipale

Linked to the castle by an elevated passageway, the 13th-century crenellated Palazzo Municipale was the Este family home until they moved next door to the castle in the late 15th century. Nowadays, it’s largely occu…
Craft Beer in Ferrara

Birra Frara

This small brewpub is the beer domain of friendly Marcello, who started brewing beer when he was 19. He keeps four or so of his own brews on draught (the Belgian Stong Ale and India Pale Ale standout) as well as fou…