Top Choice Performing Arts in Verona

Verona's Opera Festival

Around 14,000 music lovers pack the Roman Arena on summer nights during the world's biggest open-air lyrical music event, which draws international stars. Performances usually start at 8.45pm or 9pm. Tucking into a …
Top Choice Cultural in Gubbio

Corsa dei Ceri

The 'Ceri Race' is a centuries-old event held each year to celebrate Gubbio's patron saint, Sant'Ubaldo. It starts at 5.30am and involves three teams, each carrying a cero (massive wooden pillar weighing about 300 t…
Top Choice Carnival in Sciacca


Sciacca's carnival is famous for its flamboyance and fabulous party atmosphere. Held between the last Thursday before Lent and Shrove Tuesday, it features an amazing parade of huge papier-mâché figures mounted on fl…
Top Choice Carnival in Mamoiada


Mamoida stages the island's most boisterous Carnevale celebrations. These kick off in mid-January with the Festa di Sant'Antonio Abate, and climax on Shrove Tuesday and the preceding Sunday (February or early March)…
Top Choice Carnival in Mamoiada

Festa di Sant'Antonio Abate

Bonfires rage throughout Mamoiada for two nights starting on 16 January as half-human, half-animal mamuthones parade through the streets – clad in sheepskins and shaking heavy bells – accompanied by white-masked, re…
Top Choice Performing Arts in Ravello

Ravello Festival

Between early July and September, the Ravello Festival – established in 1953 – turns much of the town centre into a stage. Events range from orchestral concerts and chamber music to ballet performances, film screeni…
Top Choice Cultural in Inland Oristano Province


On 6 and 7 July Sedilo hosts Oristano’s most exciting festival, S’Ardia, when nearly 50,000 people pack themselves into the tiny village to see Sardinia’s most reckless and dangerous horse race.
Top Choice Carnival in Oristano

Sa Sartiglia

Oristano’s carnival is the most colourful on the island. It is attended by hundreds of costumed participants and involves a medieval joust, horse racing and incredible, acrobatic riding.
Top Choice Religious in Ischia

Festa di Sant’Anna

The allegorical ‘burning of the Castello Aragonese’ takes place on the feast day of St Anne, with a hypnotic procession of boats and fireworks in Ischia Ponte. Don't miss it if you're on the island at the end of Jul…
Top Choice Theatre in Naples

Napoli Teatro Festival Italia

One month of local and international theatre, dance and performance art, staged in conventional and unconventional venues.