Cathedral in Enna


The Duomo is the most impressive of the historic buildings that line Via Roma, Enna's showpiece street. Built over 200 years after the original Gothic cathedral burnt down in 1446, the current cathedral is topped by…
Castle in Enna

Castello di Lombardia

One of Sicily's most formidable castles guards Enna's highest point, at the easternmost edge of the historic centre. The original castle was built by the Saracens and later reinforced by the Normans; Frederick II of…
Museum in Enna

Museo Archeologico di Palazzo Varisano

Enna's archaeological museum houses a good collection of local artefacts (labelled in Italian) excavated from throughout the region, as well as objects borrowed from the archaeological museums of both Syracuse and A…
Tower in Enna

Torre di Federico II

Secret passageways once led to this octagonal tower, which now stands in Enna's pine-studded public gardens. Once part of the town's old defence system, it stands nearly 24m high.
Viewpoint in Enna

Rocca Di Cerere

Just below the entrance to the castle is a huge rock, which was once home to Enna's Temple of Demeter (Ceres to the Romans), goddess of fertility and agriculture. The temple, built in 480 BC by the tyrant Gelon, is …
Piazza in Enna

Piazza F Crispi

Just off Piazza Vittorio Emanuele is another small square, Piazza F Crispi, commanding sweeping views over the valley to Calascibetta. The piazza is home to the Fontana del Ratto di Prosperina, a monumental creation…
Historic Building in Enna

Palazzo Pollicarini

On the northern side of Piazza Napoleone Colaianni, directly opposite the Grande Albergo Sicilia, is this Catalan-Gothic palazzo, one of Enna's most handsome buildings. Although it has been converted into private ap…
Church in Enna

Chiesa di San Francesco d'Assisi

Flanking the northern edge of Piazza Vittorio Emanuele – Enna's main square – is the sombre bulk of the Chiesa di San Francesco d'Assisi and its 15th-century bell tower.
Fountain in Enna

Fontana del Ratto di Prosperina

Right on Piazza F Crispi is this monumental creation commemorating Enna's most enduring ancient legend.