Arts & Crafts in Nuoro

Coltelli Sardi

True to Nuoro’s pastoral heritage (not to mention those dastardly bandits), Francesco Piredda crafts exquisite Sardinian knives, including the famous Pattada jackknife with a myrtle-leaf-shaped blade that is carved …
Arts & Crafts in Nuoro

Galleria Il Portico

This art gallery showcases works by contemporary artists such as Antonio Corriga, Vittorio Calvi and Franco Carenti. Oils and watercolours predominate here, and prices generally range from a few hundred euros up to …
Food in Golfo di Orosei

Formaggi Gruthas

Near the turn-off for Urzulei, you'll spot the sign for Formaggi Gruthas, where you can stop to buy farm-fresh pecorino, goat's cheese and ricotta.
Books in Cala Gonone