Much like the rest of Italy the northern part of the country is not easy to get around for travellers with disabilities. Even a short journey in a city or town can become a major expedition if cobblestone streets have to be negotiated. Although many buildings have lifts, they are not always wide enough for wheelchairs. Not an awful lot has been done to make life for the deaf and/or blind any easier either.

The Italian National Tourist Office in your country may be able to provide advice and may also carry a small book titled Services for Disabled Passengers, published by Trenitalia (Italian railways), which details facilities at stations and on trains. Trenitalia also has a national helpline for people with disabilities. For more information, see the 'Information & Support' section of the Trenitalia website and click on the English version.

In Milan and Verona, general guides on accessibility are published.

Accessible Italy is a San Marino–based company that specialises in holiday services for people with disabilities, ranging from tours to the hiring of adapted transport. It can even arrange romantic Italian weddings. This is the best first port of call.

Milano per Tutti ( offers information on Milan.

For tips on accessibility in Locarno, see

In addition you can download Lonely Planet's free Accessible Travel guide at