Museum in Cremona

Museo Civico

The Museo Civico has drawings and tools as well as instruments by Amati and Guarneri (plus art and archaeological finds).
Religious Site in Cremona


The 12th-century baptistry houses some architectural fragments, including a 12th-century figure of the Archangel Gabriel that once perched on the roof of the baptistry.
Tower in Cremona


Cremona's 111m-tall torrazzo (bell tower, although 'torazzo' translates literally as ‘great, fat tower’) soars above the city's central square. A total of 502 steps wind up to the top. The effort is more than repaid…
Museum in Cremona

Collezione gli Archi di Palazzo Comunale

Year-round you can visit the Collezione gli Archi di Palazzo Comunale, featuring instruments from the Stradivari workshop.
Church in Cremona

Chiesa di Sant'Agostino

Once inside the Chiesa di Sant'Agostino, head for the third chapel on the right, the Cappella Cavalcabò, which features a stunning late-Gothic fresco cycle by Bonifacio Bembo and his assistants. One of the altars is…
Church in Cremona

Chiesa di San Sigismondo

Set a couple of kilometres outside the old city, the 15th-century Chiesa di San Sigismondo features a 16th-century fresco cycle that is a superb example of Mannerist painting. All the big names of the Cremona art sc…
Cathedral in Cremona


Cremona’s cathedral started out as a Romanesque basilica, but the simplicity of that style later gave way to an extravagance of designs. The interior frescoes are utterly overwhelming, with the Storie di Cristo (Sto…
Museum in Cremona

Museo del Violino

The state-of-the-art Museo del Violino brings together the city's historic collection of violins and presents them alongside the tools of the trade. It also explores the development of the craft and why the instrume…
Historic Building in Cremona

Palazzo Comunale

The Palazzo Comunale has been home to the city's government for hundreds of years. Begun in the 13th century, its arcaded walkways and courtyards were gradually extended and embellished. On the central pillar of the…