Costa Verde restaurants

Sardinian in Costa Verde

Agriturismo L'Oasi del Cervo

This rural agriturismo is as authentic as it gets. Once you've successfully navigated the 2.5km dirt track (follow the signs off the SP65) and are safely seated at the long wooden table, you're treated to an abundan…
Sardinian in Costa Verde

Agriturismo L'Aquila

An isolated farm in the green hills northwest of Montevecchio, this welcoming place serves bumper meals with cold cuts, ravioli with ricotta, lemon and saffron, and traditional Sardinian desserts. To reach the farm,…
Sardinian in Costa Verde

Ristorante Sa Lolla

By the side of the main road up to Arbus's hilltop centre, Ristorante Sa Lolla is a simple, unpretentious restaurant good for a filling meal of seasonal country fare or well-cooked seafood. Expect abundant starters,…
Supermarket in Costa Verde


This tiny supermarket is on the central square in Torre dei Corsari.