Cosenza in detail


In the new town, pedestrianised Corso Mazzini provides a pleasant respite from the chaotic traffic and incessant car honking. The thoroughfare serves as an open-air museum with numerous sculptures lining the corso, including Saint George and the Dragon by Salvador Dalí.

In the old town, head up the winding, charmingly dilapidated Corso Telesio, which has a raw Neapolitan feel to it and is lined with ancient tenements and antiquated shopfronts, including shops housing a musical instrument maker, a Dickensian shoe mender and shops selling traditional crafts. Enlivened by an ever-changing gallery of street art, the side alleys are a study in urban decay. At the top is Cosenza's 12th-century cathedral.

Head further along the corso to Piazza XV Marzo, an appealing square fronted by the Palazzo del Governo and the handsome neoclassical Teatro Rendano.

From Piazza XV Marzo, follow Via Paradiso, then Via Antonio Siniscalchi for the route to the restored Norman castle.

Cosenza's culture is low-key, but you can piece bits of it together at the refurbished Galeria Nazionale. Close by is the Museo dei Brettii e degli Enotri.