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Cosenza Half-Day Private Walking Tour

Cosenza is one of the most ancient cities of Calabria and is situated on seven hills in the valley of the river Crati, where it meets the River Busento. Due to its cultural past, it was known as the Athens of Italy. The ancient Consentia, capital of the Italic tribe of the Bruttii, was a bulwark of the Italic against the Hellenic colonies of the Ionian coast. The historic center is one of the most beautiful and ancient of Italy, for its monumental buildings and labyrinth of streets.
3 hours
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Tour of Calabria from Rome

Forget the tourist chaos of northern Italy and visit the most genuine and true part of this beautiful country.Welcome to the South! the warmest and most folkloristic place in the world. You can follow the footsteps of the famous King Alaric and go in search of his hidden treasure under the bed of the Busento river, or you can visit the Norman Swabian castle or stroll in the sanctuary of San Francesco di Paola.Finally, far from industrial pollution, you can taste the most delicious foods and wines that exist and visit the Costa that many years ago was called Magna Grecia because it was colonized by the Greeks who left numerous traces of their passage.
2 days
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Day trip to Calabria from Rome lunch included

This tour is a journey through time and space. You will leave central Italy to discover the deepest south with all its history and its genuineness.You will discover the stories of ancient kings, you will try to find their hidden treasures, you will visit abbeys and cathedrals and you will discover that from the south the Greek colonization started which led to the success of Roman expansion.You will taste delicious dishes cooked at home according to the ancient Italian tradition with organic ingredients, grown far from pollution and without particular technologies and machinery.Don't miss this exclusive Daytrip!
12 hours