Como in detail


Como is a hub for adventures around the lake. The tourist office can provide details of nearby hiking routes, and you can hire boats at the waterfront and jump on a seaplane at the aero club for lake touring. Alternatively, buy a multi-day ferry ticket that will allow you unlimited travel to smaller villages around the lake, including Bellagio.

The Kilometre of Knowledge (& Beauty)

On Sundays, the interconnected grounds of three Como villas open to the public (from about 10am to 6pm). Dotting the shore just northwest of the centre, a 1km promenade connects the Villa Olmo, the Villa del Grumello and the Villa Sucota. Sometimes referred to as the Chilometro della Conoscenza (Kilometre of Knowledge), this relaxed stroll takes in lush trails, fragrant gardens and hilltop views with lovely Lake Como ever in the background. Be sure to stop in the Villa Olmo and the Villa Sucota, which often host temporary art exhibitions.