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Top Choice Archaeological Site in Cerveteri

Necropoli di Banditaccia

This haunting 12-hectare necropolis is a veritable city of the dead, with streets, squares and terraces of tumuli (circular tombs cut into the earth and capped by turf). Some tombs, including the 6th-century-BC Tomb…
Museum in Cerveteri

Museo Nazionale Cerite

Housed in a medieval fortress on what was once ancient Caere's acropolis, this splendid museum charts the history of the Etruscan city, housing archaeological treasures unearthed at the necropolis.Exhibits, which ar…
Ristorante in Cerveteri

Mille800 Stazione del Gusto

Near the tourist information kiosk, this welcoming restaurant is styled as an old train station with brick arches, signs for binari (platforms) and leather suitcases as decor. Food-wise it's a cut above your average…