Tourist Information in Valle Camonica

Pro Loco Capo di Ponte

Helpful office with tips on exploring the region. Located 500m south of the Capo di Ponte train station.
Tourist Information in Brescia

Main Tourist Office

Brescia's main tourist office, on the edge of Piazza Paolo VI, can advise on exploring the city's churches and Roman sites.
Tourist Information in Val Cavallina

Trescore Balneario Tourist Office

Contact this tourist office to arrange a guided tour of the Oratorio di Suardi (four person minimum). The office also sells hiking maps for the surrounding area and nearby Lake Endine.
Tourist Information in Bergamo

Città Bassa Tourist Office

Near the train and bus stations, in the Lower Town. Office will likely move across the street to Piazzale Marconi (just outside the train station) in the future.
Tourist Information in Iseo

Iseo Tourist Office

Facing the waterfront, the helpful Iseo Tourist Office can give you the low-down on the region. Ask here about vineyards open for wine tasting in Franciacorta.
Tourist Information in Brescia

Tourist Office

At Brescia's train station.
Tourist Information in Sarnico

Pro Loco Sarnico

For information on attractions around the region, head for Pro Loco Sarnico.
Tourist Information in Soncino

Pro Loco Soncino

A short stroll from the Rocca Sforzesca, this place hands out brochures and also has a small free museum upstairs.
Hospital in Bergamo

ASST Papa Giovanni XXIII

Located about 4km west of central Bergamo, this modern, state-of-the-art hospital has excellent facilities.
Tourist Information in Crema

Pro Loco Crema

Facing the Duomo, the tourist office provides info and activities on Crema and the surrounding area.