La Rocca

Top choice viewpoint in Cefalù

Looming over Cefalù, this imposing rocky crag was once the site of an Arab citadel, superseded in 1061 by the Norman castle whose ruins still crown the summit. To reach the top, follow signs for Tempio di Diana, taking Vicolo Saraceni off Corso Ruggero or Via Giuseppe Fiore off Piazza Garibaldi. The 30- to 45-minute route climbs the Salita Saraceni, a winding staircase, through three tiers of city walls before emerging onto rock-strewn upland slopes with spectacular coastal views.

The windswept summit appears a suitable home for the race of giants that are said to have been Sicily's first inhabitants. There are stunning views of the town below and the ruined 4th-century BC Tempio di Diana provides a quiet and romantic getaway for young lovers.