Cosmetics in Catania

Boudoir 36

Engineer by day, fragrance maestro by night, Antonio Alessandria indulges his passion for scents at his lavish little perfumery. You won't find mainstream brands here, just serious, cognoscenti wonders from the like…
Art in Catania


Tabaré sells the wares of five female Catanian artisans. Marisa Casaburi creates whimsical models and sculptures in papier maché, Carla Marletta turns recyclables into photo frames, while Ljubiza Mezzatesta's notebo…
Market in Catania

La Fiera

Every morning except Sunday, Piazza Carlo Alberto (just off Via Etnea) is flooded by the chaos of La Fiera. Not dissimilar to a Middle Eastern kasbah, the market peddles everything from curvaceous eggplants and oran…