Trattoria di De Fiore

Trattoria in Catania

For over 50 years, septuagenarian chef Rosanna has been recreating her great-grandmother's recipes, including the best pasta alla Norma you'll taste anywhere in Sicily. Service can be excruciatingly slow, but for patient souls this is a rare chance to experience classic Catanian cooking from a bygone era. Don't miss Rosanna's trademark zeppoline (sugar-sprinkled ricotta-lemon fritters) at dessert time. Occasionally closed Mondays in winter.

Rosanna says her grandmother referred to pasta alla Norma as pasta Mungibeddu in honour of Mt Etna (Mungibeddu being the traditional Sicilian name for Catania's famous volcano): tomatoes represented Etna's red lava, aubergine the black cinders, ricotta the snow and basil leaves the mountain vegetation.