Museum in Catania

Museo Civico

Housed in the grim-looking 13th-century Castello Ursino, Catania's civic museum holds the valuable Biscari archaeological collection, an extensive booty of paintings, vases and sculpture, and an impressive coin coll…
Museum in Catania

Museo Belliniano

One of Italy's great opera composers, Vincenzo Bellini was born in Catania in 1801. The house he grew up in has since been converted into this museum, which houses an interesting collection of memorabilia, including…
Museum in Catania

Museo del Cinema

Located at Le Ciminiere – a converted sulphur refinery – the Museo del Cinema explores the evolution of movie making. Exhibition translations are poor, though the collection of movie posters, memorabilia and vintage…
Museum in Catania

Museo Diocesano

The most obvious reason to visit this museum, adjacent to Catania's Duomo, is to see the Fercolo, the famous silver reliquary bust of Saint Agata that's paraded enthusiastically through Catania's streets every Febru…
Gallery in Catania

Museo Arte Contemporanea Sicilia

Old and new conspire at MACS, a small contemporary art museum inside an 18th-century abbey of the Monastery of St Benedict. Exhibitions rotate an intriguing, ever-expanding collection of sculpture, painting, photogr…
Museum in Catania

Museo Storico dello Sbarco in Sicilia

The most interesting museum at Le Ciminiere museum complex, Museo Storico dello Sbarco in Sicilia sheds light on the WWII Allied landings in Sicily.
Museum in Catania

Museo Emilio Greco

The Museo Emilio Greco hosts a large collection of sketches by renowned Italian artist Emilio Greco (1913–1995), whose work is marked by a sensual, erotic sensibility. Also on display are sketches and sculptures by …
Museum in Catania

Le Ciminiere

Le Ciminiere is a modern museum complex housed in a converted sulphur refinery. The most interesting of its museums is the Museo Storico dello Sbarco in Sicilia, which illustrates the history of the WWII Allied land…