Casentino Valley attractions

Top Choice Monastery in Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi, Monte Falterona e Campigna

Santuario della Verna

This remote Franciscan monastic complex is where St Francis of Assisi is said to have received the stigmata and is a major pilgrimage destination. The Corridoio delle Stimmate, decorated with modern frescoes recount…
Monastery in Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi, Monte Falterona e Campigna

Sacro Eremo e Monastero di Camaldoli

Hidden in the dense forest of the national park are the Benedictine hermitage and monastery of Camaldoli, founded between 1024 and 1025 by St Romualdo and now home to a community of over 20 monks. From Poppi, follow…
Museum in Casentino Valley

Museo dell'Arte della Lana - Lanificio di Stia

This museum, dedicated to 'the art of wool making', is located in a restored historic wool mill (which finally closed its doors in 2000) in the attractive town of Stia. For centuries Stia, on the banks of the Staggi…
Church in Bibbiena

Chiesa Convento di San Lorenzo

This bijou Renaissance church and convent, dating to 1474, showcases two dazzling glazed terracotta reliefs by Andrea della Robbia. One depicts the Nativity; the other, the deposition of Christ from the cross.
Castle in Poppi

Castello dei Conti Guidi

Castello dei Conti Guidi was built in the 13th century by Count Simone da Battifolle, head of the Guidi family. Inside, there's a fairy-tale courtyard, a handsome staircase, a library full of medieval manuscripts an…
Museum in Poppi

Museo Michelangeliolesco

David's creator was born in the lost village of Caprese (today called Caprese Michelangelo), 17km south of Chiusi della Verna, and the small stone house where the artist grew up can be visited. Right at the top of t…
Church in Bibbiena

Pieve dei Santi Ippolito e Cassiano

This 12th-century church safeguards a 14th-century crucifix by the Master of San Polo in Rosso and a 15th-century Madonna and Child Enthroned with Angels by Arcangelo di Cola da Camerino.