Top things to do in Carrara

Historic Site in Carrara

Cava di Fantiscritti

Head up the mountain to this dusty, truck-busy cava de marmo (marble quarry), through a dramatic series of tunnels used by trains to transport marble from 1890 until the 1960s when trucks took over. At the Fantiscri…
Osteria in Carrara

Osteria nella Pia'

It's worth getting lost in Colonnata's tangle of narrow lanes to find this family-run osteria, a local favourite for tasty lardo platters and imaginative pasta dishes. The penne con lardo e pesto d'ortica (penne wit…
Tuscan in Carrara

Dalle Zie

Locals rave about this tiny family-run trattoria on Cathedral Sq, aptly called 'By Auntie' and with an inviting 'Cibo e Vino' (food and wine) strapline. Cuisine is strictly local, with plenty of traditional, potato-…
Tuscan in Carrara

Locanda Apuana

This traditional trattoria, just off central Piazza Palestro, is the place to feast on crostini caldi con lardo (warm toasts topped with lardo), deliciously paired with caramised figs, capers and white onion rings p…
Museum in Carrara

Cava Museo

To learn how the Romans worked with marble, visit this surprisingly informative, open-air museum adjoining the souvenir shop across from the quarry entrance.
Tuscan in Carrara

Ristorante Venanzio

Even those who initially find the idea of noshing on a hunk of pork fat off-putting are bound to be won over when sampling it melted over piping-hot focaccette (small, flat buns made of wheat flour and cornmeal) at …
Museum in Carrara

Museo del Marmo

Opposite the tourist office, Carrara's Marble Museum tells the full story of the marble quarries outside town, from the old chisel-and-hammer days to the 21st-century's high-powered industrial quarrying. A fascinati…