Funicular in Marina Grande


The first challenge facing visitors to the island is usually how to get from Marina Grande to Capri Town. The most enjoyable option is the funicular, if only for the evocative en-route views over the lemon groves an…
Taxi in Capri


From Marina Grande, a taxi costs from €17 to Capri and from €23 to Anacapri; from Capri to Anacapri costs from €18. These rates include one bag per vehicle. Each additional bag (with dimensions exceeding 40cm x 20cm…
Ferry in Capri


Operates hydrofoils and ferries to/from Naples (€12.30 to €17.80, 40 minutes to 1¼ hours, up to seven daily) and hydrofoils to/from Sorrento (€14.40, 25 minutes, four daily).
Airline in Capri

Hoverfly Sam

Helicopter transfers from Naples’ Capodichino Airport (€1850; 20 minutes) to the Damecuta heliport in Anacapri. Book by phone or online.
Bus Station in Capri Town

Bus Station

Head here for buses to Anacapri. The bus station is located on Via Roma, an easy 150m walk southwest of Piazza Umberto I.
Bus in Anacapri & Around

Staiano Autotrasporti

Runs regular buses to the Grotta Azzurra and Punta Carena faro (lighthouse) from Anacapri.
Ferry in Marina Grande

Navigazione Libera del Golfo

Operates hydrofoils to/from Naples and Capri (from €21.50 to €22.80, 45 minutes, ten daily).
Car Rental in Anacapri & Around

Capri Scooter

If you want to start you Capri scooter adventure in Anacapri, rent one here.
Bus in Capri Town

Autobus ATC

Runs buses between Marina Grande, Capri Town, Marina Piccola and Anacapri.
Ferry in Marina Grande


Operates hydrofoils to/from Naples (€21.50, 45 minutes, nine daily).