Capri in detail



Surprisingly for such a small place, Capri offers some memorable hiking. A network of well-maintained paths weaves its way across the island, leading through areas that even in the height of summer are all but deserted. The tourist offices can provide reasonable maps.

Boating & Boat Tours

Capri's two classic water tours are to the Grotta Azzurra and a circumnavigation of the island (the so-called Giro dell'Isola). Both cost around €18 and take between one and two hours. Be warned – they're incredibly popular. Various companies offer these excursions, including Laser Capri and Motoscafisti di Capri.

For more peace and quiet (and money), you can organise your own private boat with or without a skipper. Small wooden craft or dinghies able to accommodate around five people can be rented from around €80 for two hours. You don't need a boat licence to do this, although some nautical experience is handy. For private rentals, try Banana Sport or Capri Whales.