Campobasso attractions

Museum in Campobasso

Museo Sannitico

Samnite ceramics found in Castello Monforte are now on show at the small Museo Sannitico, along with weapons, armour and sculptures from local archaeological sites. The Samnites were the pre-Roman nation that once c…
Castle in Campobasso

Castello Monforte

At the top of a steep tree-lined avenue sits this squat, quadrangular tower, much of which was built in the 15th and 16th centuries after the original Norman castle was damaged by earthquake in 1456. The views towar…
Church in Campobasso

San Giorgio

Built over the ruins of a pagan temple, and with a history that stretches back a millennium, St George's is probably Campobasso's oldest church. Fifteenth-century frescoes decorate the walls.
Church in Campobasso

San Bartolomeo

This classic Romanesque church in Campobasso dates to the 13th century.