Campi Flegrei in detail

Flights & getting there

Metro Line 2 runs frequently from Naples to Bagnoli (€1.30) and Pozzuoli (€2.20) in the Campi Flegrei. Ferrovia Cumana commuter trains also run frequently between Naples, Bagnoli and Pozzuoli. In Naples, Cumana trains depart Stazione Cumana di Montesanto on Piazza Montesanto, 500m southwest of Piazza Dante. The Cumana line is also handy for Lucrino (€2.20, 29 minutes) and Fusaro (€2.80, 33 minutes).

EAV runs bus services throughout the Campi Flegrei, connecting Cumana trains to Bacoli and Cuma. That said, connections are often inconvenient and services unreliable. Beyond Pozzuoli, the easiest way to explore the Campi Flegrei is with a reputable local tour outfit such as Yellowsudmarine Food Art & Tours.