Shoes in Positano

La Botteguccia de Giovanni

Come here for handmade leather sandals by craftsman Giovanni in his small workroom at the back of the shop. Choose the colour and any decorative bits and pieces you want (shells are particularly well suited to Posit…
Shoes in Sorrento

La Rapida

There are numerous shops selling leather sandals in the centro storico, but head to the far end of Via Fuoro and you’ll find this tiny cobbler. An old-fashioned shop, it doesn’t have a huge range, but the quality’s …
Shoes in Capri

Da Costanzo

In 1959 Clarke Gable stopped off at this tiny, unpretentious shoe shop to get a pair of handmade leather sandals, and the shop still sells a range of colourful styles to passers-by and shoe aficionados. Prices start…