Campania in detail

Flights & getting there

A plethora of airlines link Italy to the rest of the world, and numerous carriers fly directly to Naples' international airport, Capodichino. Naples is southern Italy's main transport hub, with excellent rail and bus connections to other parts of Campania and beyond. Naples is also a key port, hosting international cruise ships and operating car and passenger ferries to destinations throughout the Mediterranean.

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Airports & Airlines

Naples International Airport (Capodichino), 7km northeast of the city centre, is southern Italy’s main airport. It's served by a number of major airlines and low-cost carriers, including easyJet, which operates flights to Naples from London, Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna, Berlin and several other European cities.

Curreri runs ten daily services to Sorrento from Capodichino. Buses depart from outside the departures hall and terminate outside Sorrento train station. Buy tickets (€10) on board for the 75-minute journey.


The internet is the easiest way of locating and booking reasonably priced seats. Full-time students and those under 31 may qualify for discounted fares at agencies such as STA Travel ( Many of these fares require a valid International Student Identity Card (ISIC).

Online Tickets

For reasonably priced airfares, check the following online booking websites:


Departure Tax

Departure tax is included in the price of a ticket.


Reaching Campania overland involves traversing three-quarters of the entire length of Italy, which can either be a big drain on your time or, if you have plenty to spare, a wonderful way of seeing the country.


Buses are the cheapest overland option to Italy, but services are less frequent and significantly slower than the train.

CLP Connects Naples to Foggia.

FlixBus ( Low-cost fares to national and international destinations from Naples.

Miccolis Runs several services a day from Naples to Potenza, Matera, Taranto, Brindisi, Lecce and Bari.

Marino Runs daily services from Naples to Bari and Matera.

SAIS Operates long-haul services to Sicily from Naples and Rome.

Car & Motorcycle

If you are planning to drive to Campania, bear in mind the cost of toll roads and the fact that fuel prices in Italy are among the highest in Europe.

In Naples itself, it is unlikely that you will be tempted to drive, and you will also have to pay for secure parking.

Although your own car is a definite bonus when it comes to visiting more remote areas of Campania, like west of Sorrento and the Parco Nazionale del Cilento, Vallo di Diano e Alburni, given the cost of driving here, renting a car is a wiser option.


Regular trains on two western lines connect Italy with France (one along the coast and the other from Turin into the French Alps). Depending on distances covered, rail can be highly competitive with air travel: those travelling from neighbouring countries to northern Italy will find it is frequently more comfortable, less expensive and only marginally more time-consuming than flying.

Those travelling longer distances (say, from the UK, Spain, northern Germany or Eastern Europe) will doubtless find flying cheaper and quicker. Bear in mind, however, that the train is a much greener way to go – a trip by rail can contribute up to 10 times fewer carbon-dioxide emissions per person than the same trip by air.

Naples is served by regionale (regional), diretto (direct), Intercity and high-velocity Frecciarossa trains. They arrive at and depart from Napoli Centrale or Stazione Garibaldi (on the lower level).

National rail company Trenitalia runs regular direct services between Naples and Rome (2nd class €12 to €48, 70 minutes to three hours, around 66 daily), with many high-velocity services continuing north to Florence, Bologna and Milan. High-speed private rail company Italo also runs daily direct services between Naples and Rome (2nd class €15 to €39, 70 minutes, around 20 daily), with onward connections north. From Naples, Trenitalia trains continue south to Reggio di Calabria and to Messina, Sicily.

  • The comprehensive European Rail Timetable (UK£12), updated monthly online and half-yearly in print, is available at
  • Reservations on international trains to/from Italy are always advisable and sometimes compulsory.
  • Some international services include transport for private cars.
  • Consider taking long journeys overnight, as the supplemental fare for a sleeper costs substantially less than a stay in an Italian hotel.


Naples is the main seaport in Campania, serving both regional ferries and international cruise ships. Year-round ferry destinations include Capri, Ischia, Procida, as well as Sicily and Sardinia. Ferries to Sicily also depart from Salerno.

For a guide to ferry services into and out of Italy, consult Direct Ferries ( The website lists routes and deals, and includes a booking service.