Bay of Naples




Pizza & Pasta

Naples' loud and lusty streets serve up some of the nation's most famous flavours: coffee, pizza, pasta, Vesuvian tomatoes, sfogliatelle (sweetened ricotta pastries), babà (rum-soaked sponge cake) and a panoply of seafood to be devoured every which way you can.

Ancient Sites

Neapolitans abide by the motto carpe diem (seize the day). All around them, at Pompeii, Ercolano, Pozzuoli, Baia and Cuma, they are reminded that life is short and unpredictable. Even beneath their feet lurk reminders of long-lost lives, from subterranean markets to macabre funerary frescoes.

Museums & Galleries

Naples explodes with art and antiquities, from colossal Roman statues at Museo Archeologico Nazionale to Caravaggio at Museo di Capodimonte. Beyond them is a long list of lesser-known treasures, including Teatro San Carlo's own theatre museum, MeMus.

The Islands




Thermal Spas

Ischia's thermal springs have soothed weary muscles since ancient times. Find some zen at a bubbling beach, soak in an old Roman bath, then get wrapped and pummelled at a sprawling spa resort.

Superlative Scenery

From Capri's vertiginous cliffs and electric-blue grotto to Ischia's luxe gardens and vine-clad hillsides to Procida's peeling, pastel villages, beautiful details define the Bay of Naples. So aim your camera and make the peeps back home turn a deeper shade of green.

Island Flavours

Whether you're enjoying torta caprese (almond-and-chocolate cake) on a Capri piazza, slow-cooked rabbit at a rustic Ischian trattoria or just-caught fish on a Procida beach, expect some long-lasting culinary memories.

The Amalfi Coast




Coastal Beauty

Cloud-scraping cliffs, terraced vineyards, tumbling fishing villages in mood-lifting hues, not to mention obscenely turquoise Tyrrhenian waters – views are at all angles on Italy's most stunning and celebrated coastline.

Natural Wonders

Above, below or at sea level, active types are spoilt for choice. Whether you fancy swimming or diving in crystal-clear seas, cove-hopping on a sailing boat or escaping the hordes on a hiking trail high above the sea, the Amalfi Coast will keep your heart rate up.

Art & Architecture

Contemporary painting and sculpture in Positano, medieval cloisters in Amalfi and classical overtures in Ravello: beyond the gleaming yachts, crowded beaches and Gucci-clad eye candy awaits a precious string of cultural riches.

Salerno & the Cilento




Hellenic Ruins

Long before the Romans staked their claim, Greek sandals stamped around this turf. Pay tribute to the power and elegance of Magna Graecia (Greater Greece) at the stoic temples of Paestum and bucolic ruins of Velia.

Rugged Escapes

Deep, dark woods, exhilarating rapids and cathedral-like caves littered with evidence of early human history: the Parco Nazionale del Cilento, Vallo di Diano e Alburni is one of the country's biggest, wildest natural playgrounds and the ultimate spot for a back-to-nature adventure.

A Bountiful Larder

Luscious buffalo-milk mozzarella and peppery olive oil, perfect artichokes, velvety white figs, glistening seafood and plump, rum-soaked pastries – Salerno and the Cilento aren't short on lauded regional edibles.