Top Choice Opera in Toledo & Quartieri Spagnoli

Teatro San Carlo

San Carlo's opera season usually runs from November or December to June, with occasional summer performances. Reckon on €50 for a place in the sixth tier, €100 for a seat in the stalls or – if you're under 30 (with …
Top Choice Live Music in Centro Storico

Lanificio 25

This Bourbon-era wool factory and 15th-century cloister is now a burgeoning party and culture hub, strung with coloured lights and awash with video projections. Live music and performances are the mainstay, ranging …
Top Choice Football in Campi Flegrei

Stadio San Paolo

Naples' football team, Napoli, is the third most supported in Italy after Juventus and Milan, and watching it play in the country's third-largest stadium is a rush. The season runs from late August to late May; seat…
Classical Music in Toledo & Quartieri Spagnoli

Centro di Musica Antica Pietà de' Turchini

Classical-music buffs are in for a treat at this beautiful deconsecrated church, an evocative setting for concerts of mostly 17th- to 19th-century Neapolitan works. Tickets usually cost €10 (reduced €7), and upcomin…
Theatre in Sorrento

Teatro Tasso

The southern-Italian equivalent of a London old-time music hall, Teatro Tasso is home to the Sorrento Musical, a sentimental 75-minute revue of Neapolitan classics such as ‘O Sole Mio’ and ‘Trona a Sorrent’.
Booking Service in Toledo & Quartieri Spagnoli

Box Office

Inside Galleria Umberto, this ticket agency sells tickets to concerts, major theatre productions and football matches at Stadio San Paolo.
Booking Service in Santa Lucia & Chiaia

Azzurro Service

A ticket agency inside the Feltrinelli bookstore, selling tickets to numerous events, including rock concerts and theatre productions.
Classical Music in Santa Lucia & Chiaia

Associazione Scarlatti

Naples' premier classical-music association organises an annual program of chamber-music concerts in venues including Castel Sant'Elmo and Palazzo Zevallos. Local talent mixes it with foreign guests, which have incl…
Theatre in Toledo & Quartieri Spagnoli

Galleria Toledo

If it's cutting edge, independent or experimental, chances are it's playing at this cult-status theatre, tucked away in the Quartieri Spagnoli. Gigs span local and global plays and live music, with the odd offbeat a…
Live Music in Campi Flegrei

Teatro Palapartenope

Located in suburban Fuorigrotta, west of central Naples, the architecturally uninspiring Palapartenope is the biggest indoor concert venue in town. A 6000-plus seating capacity sets the scene for big-name Italian an…