Caltagirone attractions

Top Choice Landmark in Caltagirone

Scalinata di Santa Maria del Monte

Caltagirone's most evocative sight is this monumental staircase, which rises from Piazza Municipio to Chiesa di Santa Maria del Monte. Built in the early 17th century to connect the old hilltop centre with newer dev…
Museum in Caltagirone

Museo della Ceramica

Down from the main historic centre, this museum is the place to learn about the Sicilian ceramics industry. Exhibits, which include Greek terracotta works, medieval kitchenware and some excessively elaborate 18th-ce…
Church in Caltagirone

Chiesa di San Francesco d'Assisi

Caltagirone has an extraordinary number of churches, almost 30 in the historic centre alone. Most are baroque, dating to the building boom of the early 18th century, although some have earlier origins. One such, the…
Gardens in Caltagirone

Giardino Pubblico

Next to the Museo della Ceramica, the Giardino Pubblico is a lovely place to see out the late afternoon, perhaps with an ice cream or a glass of something cool at the park bar. Manicured avenues lead down to a beaut…
Museum in Caltagirone

Museo d'Arte Contemporanea Caltagirone

This small, sadly forlorn museum has an engaging contemporary collection, including works by the renowned local artist Gianni Ballarò.
Church in Caltagirone

Chiesa del Carmine

Closed to the public at the time of writing, this church sits down a side street off the scalinata.