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The park's 130 sq km are divided into three areas: the Sila Grande, with the highest mountains; the strongly Albanian Sila Greca (to the north); and the Sila Piccola (near Catanzaro), with vast forested hills.

The highest peaks, covered with tall Corsican pines, reach 2000m – high enough to generate enough winter snow to attract skiers. In summer the climate is coolly Alpine; spring sees carpets of wildflowers; and there's mushroom hunting in autumn. Gigantic firs grown in the Bosco di Gallopane (Forest of Gallopane). There are several beautiful lakes, the largest of which is Lago di Cecita o Mucone near Camigliatello Silano. There is plenty of wildlife here, including the light-grey Apennine wolf, a protected species.

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