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Archaeological Site in Cala Gonone

Nuraghe Mannu

To get an eagle-eye view over the coast, follow the signs off the Cala Gonone–Dorgali road to this nuraghe. After 3km the rocky track peters out at a wild headland where you can see nearly the entire curve of the gu…
Cave in Cala Gonone

Grotta del Bue Marino

It’s a scenic 40-minute hike from Cala Fuili, or a speedy boat ride from Cala Gonone, to this enchanting grotto. It was the last island refuge of the rare monk seal (‘bue marino’ or ‘sea ox’ as it was known by local…
Sardinian in Cala Gonone

Agriturismo Nuraghe Mannu

Scenically perched above the gulf and nestled amid silvery olive groves, this agriturismo puts on a mouth-watering spread. Loosen a belt notch for a feast of home-produced pecorino, salami, olives and wine, followed…
Italian in Cala Gonone

La Favorita

There's always a good buzz at this incredibly popular restaurant and pizza with a lovely sea-facing terrace. Snag a table to dig into excellent wood-oven pizzas, or go for fish dishes like ceviche with lemon, chilli…
Aquarium in Cala Gonone

Acquario di Cala Gonone

Check out the local marine life before taking the plunge at this shiny new aquarium, designed by architects Peter Chermayeff and Sebastiano Gaias. The 25 tanks bubble with seahorses, jellyfish, rays and – moving int…
Pizzeria in Cala Gonone

Ristorante Acquarius

There’s always a good buzz at this cheery lungomare contender. The pizzas done in a wood-fired oven are spot-on, as is the porceddu (suckling pig) served with rosemary potatoes. Refresh your palate with a tangy myrt…
Seafood in Cala Gonone

Il Pescatore

Fresh seafood is what this authentic place is about. Sit on the terrace for sea breezes and fishy delights, such as pasta with ricci (sea urchins) and spaghetti with clams and bottarga (mullet roe). They also do a k…
Gelato in Cala Gonone

Gelateria Fancello

Hazelnut, fig, yoghurt and lemon - the gelati and sorbetti here are the real deal. Stop by for a cone to lick as you stroll the promenade.
Books in Cala Gonone


Beach in Cala Gonone

Cala Luna

A favourite with rock climbers, this crescent-shaped bay is wildly beautiful, backed by a lush ravine, framed by cave-pitted cliffs and pummelled by exquisite turquoise waters. Linger after the boats have gone and y…